The national coalition and the parliamentary group have lost confidence in Rydman

“He did not say things that are, of course, all important now for this case. None of us in the parliamentary group has the impression that we are talking about a large case involving several people. Chairman of the Coalition Parliamentary Group, stated on tuesday.

“It is quite clear that the boundaries of proper conduct have been violated and insulted.”

The parliamentary group unanimously stated that the legislature would no longer receive its support. It seems unlikely that confidence will be restored: Mykkänen said the matter could be re-examined if the group finds that new facts have emerged and confidence in Rydman has returned.

“But it’s a process. We don’t tie it strictly to what the police do. The police are investigating criminal liability, not proper use or reliability,” he said.

The chairman of the Coalition Party revealed that the party heard the allegations from journalists for the first time last winter. Rydman then talked to “vague rumors.” Kristiina KokkoCoalition Party Secretary and HämäläinenCoalition Executive Director in .

The party considered the explanations satisfactory.

It later learned that the allegations had also been investigated by the Central Criminal Police (KRP). However, the investigation did not lead to further action.

Orpo reiterated on Tuesday that the scale of the accusations came as a complete surprise to the party. “When we read on Sunday morning, it took this to another level. We didn’t know about that. “

Kokko similarly considered that the party did not have the opportunity to examine the case in more detail before the article. – The MP’s word must be trusted, he emphasized.

He added that issues like this should be handled by the police and not by the party.

“Knowing that we are talking very young, it has been our clear line that the police should be the point to be contacted in all such matters. The authority definitely has the power and opportunity to investigate such serious allegations, Kokko said.

Rydman announced earlier yesterday that he is temporarily resigning from the Coalition Group. He will therefore also resign as a member of the Parliamentary Committee on the Constitution and an alternate member of the Administrative Committee.

He announced the matter after discussions with Mykkänen and Orpo. Orpo announced at a news conference that he still denies the allegations against him.

“His own view is probably best found in what he has written in his own view,” Orpo comments.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page




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