Wednesday Magazines: Economic Forecast, NCP Harassment Scandal, Midsummer Congestion

Helsingin sanomat newspaper’s largest circulation magazine reports on a press conference held by the leaders of the Coalition Party (NKP) on Tuesday after the MP. differs from the party’s parliamentary delegation. This followed a revelation published in that she had been the subject of a police investigation into the behavior of several women, some of whom were underage girls.

Earlier on Tuesday, the NCP announced that its leader and the chairman of the parliamentary group had talks with Rydman after HS released the charges on Sunday, which led to Rydman deciding to resign.

Orpo said the NCP had heard about the allegations against Rydman for the first time last winter when journalists began to inquire about them. Although Rydman discussed the allegations with the party at the time, his explanations were considered satisfactory, HS reports.

The party later learned that the Central Criminal Police (NBI) had investigated the matter, but its findings had not led to action. The revelation and its contents came as a complete surprise to the party, Orpo told reporters.

"It wasn’t until we read Helsingin Sanomat’s article on Sunday morning that this all rose to a whole new level. We did not have the information" The orphan said.

party secretary Kristiina Kokko said on Tuesday that the party could not have done a better investigation into Rydman ‘s case because police are better equipped to deal with such matters, especially when it concerns such young people.

Orpo reiterated the opinion and said the party did not have the resources or ability to investigate such a case. However, he added that the party is currently doing its utmost to understand the course of events and to prevent a recurrence of similar situations.

"We will do our best to ensure that no Coalition has to worry about being able to participate safely," The orphan said.

weakens purchasing power

Today’s Financial messages includes a piece of the ’s latest economic forecast.

The Finnish economy is forecast to grow by 1.7 per cent this year, but growth will slow to 0.5 per cent next year. The growth rate will rise to 1.5 percent in 2024 if the global economic downturn eases and inflation slows, TS reports.

"There is now no justification for easing public finances through general tax cuts or large income transfers, although accelerating inflation is now making a deep crash in real incomes and purchasing power." The Governor of the Bank of Finland told the newspaper.

Finland is currently experiencing strong economic growth and employment is improving, but at the same time public finances are burdened by the sustainability gap, Rehn said, adding that targeted temporary measures may be needed.

Despite high inflation, which is causing difficulties, increased transfers would raise inflation further, Rehn told TS, adding that wage settlements should avoid a return to the wage inflation spiral the country had previously experienced.

Midsummer traffic jams

Daily Evening paper reminds readers that the coming Midsummer weekend is likely to cause heavy traffic on Finnish roads.

The Finnish Transport Agency Fintraffic predicts that the peak of Midsummer traffic will be concentrated on Thursday, June 23, which will lead to congestion and longer travel times.

Highways 9, 5 and 4 probably have the most traffic, and ferries to the archipelago may also have queues, IL writes. In southern Finland, congestion is concentrated between half a day and 7 pm, while in the north it is likely to continue until the evening.

According to the agency, Finnish roads are less congested on Friday than on Tuesday, says IL.

The return service is busiest on Sunday 26 June, from mid-morning to 10 pm. Congestion is concentrated on Highways 4, 5 and 9, as at peak times.

Source: The Nordic Page

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