* New * The train disaster in Dalarna in 1980

11-year-old Johanna and her classmates are standing on the platform in . They have saved money throughout the semester and are now going on a school trip to in . When the train enters the station, they run before 19-year-old George, who is on his way to the school in Sandviken. The children sit in the compartment closest to the locomotive and George has to go back in the carriage to find a vacant seat. It’s going to save his life.

When the rescue personnel receive an alarm that something has happened to the trains between Hinsnoret and Ornäs, the first to go out think that it may be an easier derailment. When they arrive at the scene of the accident, they see carriages that have been huddled together and climbed on top of each other. Rune walks up to a pile of sheet metal and extends his hand. Someone in there grabs it.

Two trains collided head-on on the single-track section between Hinsnoret and Ornäs on a June morning in 1980. 11 people died and 61 were injured in the worst railway accident in ever.


Johanna Palmqvist, passenger on the train.

George Linnell, passenger on the train.

Berndt Bergström, then officer in Borlänge.

Rune Masés, then firefighter in Borlänge.

Kent Blomqvist, then ambulance in (now active in local in S).

Gunnar Ridderstedt, photographer.

Henrik Reuterdahl, unit manager for train traffic at the Railway Museum.

A documentary by: Ellen Algren.

Producer: Jon Jordås.

Published: 2022.


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