Part 4 of 6. The System – The Red Pill

In the roles:

Simon Lööf, Helmon Solomon, David Fukamachi Regnfors, Jonay Pineda Skallak, Magnus Krepper, Sofia Kappel, Janna Granström, Camilo Ge Bresky and Lola Zackow.

Screenplay: Ben Lewis
Editing and translation: Magnus Lindman
Directed by: Lola Zackow
Vignette: Viagra Boys
Soundtrack: Anna Jondelius
Sound design: Ludvig Jansson
Technology: Michael Johansson and Frida Englund
Producers: Louise Jacobson and Camilla van der Meer Söderberg

About the drama series The System:

The System – a series in six heart-pounding episodes about a young boy’s path to radicalization and his sister’s heartbreaking attempt to save him. The series’ main character, 25-year-old Adde, mostly plays GTA, eats fast food and experiences exclusion when he is introduced to a secret program, Systemet, which will make him well-trained and successful. Gradually, Adde is radicalized in a group of men with a worldview that is reminiscent of both the Inel movement and the left-wing extremist Baader-Meinhof.

Parts 1-3 will be released on June 16th. Part 4-6 will be released on June 23rd.

The system is a Swedish adaptation of The System by Ben Lewis. The script was originally commissioned by 4. The System won the drama category in the radio competition Prix Europa 2021. The script is inspired by the theory “The staircase model” which deals with the psychological processes in a person who commits terrorist crimes.

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About P3 Series:

P3 Series is produced by Swedish Radio Drama and is one of ’s largest audio drama podcasts. The podcast was launched in 2016 and regularly releases drama series for those who love suspense, horror and .





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