YLE: Temperatures can rise to 30 degrees in Finland during Midsummer

“It’s as if the weather cut with a knife turns sunny and warm on Friday,” he said Joonas Koskela from the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation.

The change is due to the strengthening of the high-pressure front south of . Koskela said that the forecast is approximately as reliable as possible, partly because the formation of a high-pressure system is easier to predict than a low-pressure system carrying rain.

He added that the high-pressure system will strengthen towards the end of the week, which could raise mercury in some areas above 30 ° C on Sunday. The warm weather is expected to continue well next week.

The also believes that temperatures will rise towards midsummer. The average daily temperature will remain above 20 degrees over the weekend, and on Sunday in the north, readings in and Northern Ostrobothnia may be over 25 degrees. Night temperatures should also remain relatively high, above 15 ° C.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute forecasts that warming will end after the middle of next week and avoid weather variability and the possibility of rain.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page




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