NemID crash pulls out

A crash affecting the log-in solution and its associated services has not yet been resolved after two days. Since the beginning of 22. June, about a third of all users faced problems accessing online bank accounts, taxes, documents, email and medical records.

Nets, the company responsible for NemID, states that the crash is the result of a server change. An outcome of this length is unprecedented.

“It is extremely serious,” said professor at Jan Pries Heje DR. “On a scale of to 10, we’ll probably be up to an eight or nine – especially if they do not solve the problem soon,”

A faulty system?
The vast majority of Danes over the age of 15 use NemID, which makes it very integrated into everyday life in . MitID, which will replace NemID, also serves more than three quarters of Danes according to Nets and has also given users problems.

The Digitization Agency, the Danish Digitization Agency, states that in the end it is beneficial for Denmark to have a common access point for public and private accounts, as it streamlines the login process. Others, however, have compared it to having all his eggs in one basket.

“NemID has become part of our public infrastructure, so it’s just as important as getting power out of the socket and out of the tap,” said Jan Pries Heje.

What to expect next
In acute digital tasks, such as reporting death certificates, paper-based solutions are available in some cases. It is unclear when NemID will be up and again.

“Unfortunately, the answer is that you have to arm yourself with patience until we get the service up and running at full speed,” says Peter Güsling, head of Nets’ media relations in the Nordics, to . – Hopefully it happens as soon as possible.

Source: The Nordic Page




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