On Midsummer weekend, temperatures headed toward 30 degrees

Much of the country can expect a hot season this Midsummer weekend.

According to the , the temperature in the southern and central parts of the country will rise to 25 degrees Celsius. "hot" In ) around Friday at noon on Midsummer’s Eve.

On Saturday, the temperature of mercury in these parts is expected to rise to 30 degrees.

of the Finnish Meteorological Institute Henri Nyman said on Friday it is unlikely that 25 degrees Celsius will extend north of .

In northern Ostrobothnia and , the temperature varies between 22 and 25 degrees, and in Lapland the weather is cooler.

Traditional Midsummer sizes are prohibited on Fridays when there is a risk of forest or shrub fires. These are , Southwest Finland, , , Kanta-Häme, Päijät-Häme and Kymenlaakso, as well as parts of , Ylitornio and Pello.

"Any kind of open fire is prohibited, including making a campfire. The rescue authorities may not grant special permission to light fires in these areas," explained Petri Talikka From the Kanta-Häme Rescue Department.

The (Syke) said on Thursday that the concentrations of toxic algae in the sea are still low due to the relatively cool water temperature. However, the risk of blue-green algae in the lakes increases as the weather warms.

Source: The Nordic Page

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