The party leaders ‘favorite team and the sports stars’ political quarrels

We have a special section, a historical one, you could say, where we have invited our first guest, the football expert , who knows most about how politics and sports are connected.

We get to know which football team the party leaders are cheering on and what it says about their policies. We also learn that the Center Party’s party leader is probably the best football player among the party leaders and whether ’s favorite team is still IK Sirius, after she divorced the former team captain in the team, Niklas Thor.

We are talking about the explosive development where the clear trend is that the big sports stars should get involved and take a stand on social and political issues, that it is no longer enough to be good at their sport, more is expected, both from fans but also from sponsors . Because what is hot for companies today is to sponsor teams or athletes who stand for something.

In honor of Midsummer, David has also written a political nod to everything that has happened in Swedish politics over the past year and sings it for Katherine, who is very impressed but does not want to sing along.

Producer: Sukran Kavak

Digital editor: Raffael Antonio





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