Assassination attempt in Oslo, “NATO’s Achilles heel” Lithuania, fatigue to be vaccinated against corona and the summer before elections

Norway in grief and dismay

In , an attack has been carried out on people who were sitting in restaurants, with dead and injured. The security police have declared the highest terrorist warning as a precautionary measure. The arrested suspect is known for Islamist links, but also for mental problems. Swedish correspondent from the place in Oslo.

Achilles’ heel”

The Russian exclave of is dependent on transport through the EU country Lithuania. However, Lithuania has restricted the transport of certain goods due to sanctions. Russia is threatening action, the situation is tense. Ahead of this week’s NATO summit, it raises the security situation for the Baltics. Report from Lithuania and conversations with the Director of the , Jakob Hallgren.

The whole program:

Hour one:

  • Carina Holmberg on site in Oslo

  • Lithuania – NATO Achilles heel

  • Talks with UI’s director Jakob Hallgren about NATO’s new strategy

  • Vaccination fatigue before the fifth dose

  • Tourism sluggish in

  • Chronicle of Sara Nazari

  • The panels

Two hours:

  • After the verdict, the United States is a divided country

  • The summer before the 1973 election – part one in a series of historical flashbacks

  • Satire with Outskirts Sweden

  • The Culture Panel on personal testimonies in literary form

  • Kåseri

Host: Jesper Lindau
Producer: Luise Steinberger
Technician: Behzad Mehrnoosh


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