Track work delays holiday train traffic

The track work, which will be completed on Sunday afternoon in South-, was delayed, which could cause chaos for thousands of tourists returning from the Midsummer weekend party.

State Railways announced with only 15 minutes’ notice that trains between and will be replaced by buses from 3 p.m.

VR also stopped selling all remaining evening train departures.

The reason for the delay was the slow repair work on the railway bridge. The work was due to be completed by 3 p.m. on Sunday, but is not expected to be completed until 1 p.m. on , Fintraffic’s train service center said.

According to the center, there will be a delay "massive effects" in the main line train traffic. It includes routes between and and Tampere and .

"All trains in the evening must be replaced by buses (between Tampere and Toijala). There will certainly be big traffic jams because there are a lot of passengers on the trains," said Jari Lindströmtraffic manager at the Railway Center.

Passengers were warned of a delay of more than an hour when the temperature rose to 30 degrees or more in southern Finland.

Tickets for most evening trains are not available

VR has stopped selling tickets for afternoon and evening train services so that ticket holders can stay on buses between Toijala and Tampere.

"You can buy tickets for some departures, such as night trains. However, tickets are not now sold for most train services," Taina Kuitunen He told about VR communications on Sunday afternoon.

According to Fiber, the timing makes the situation particularly challenging.

"Due to the return traffic for Midsummer, it may be more difficult for buses to find places" Kuitunen said.

Kuitunen said that train passengers who have already bought a ticket can cancel or postpone their journey at no extra charge.

Night trains can also be delayed.

You can check the current status from VR “Train traffic at the moment” Website.

At the same , Fintraffic’s Road Traffic Center predicted that return traffic on the main roads of Southern Finland will continue to be brisk until Sunday evening.

Source: The Nordic Page




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