2022 Roskilde: The PRISMA opening emphasizes how much we have missed this festival

Just shy of midnight on Sunday, during the long pink twilight, 500 or more festival goers are gathered in front of the Rising Stage.

Hors d’oeuvre is the order of the year
The strenuous of this crowd makes it easy to forget that Rising is only a starting course for the week-long party. Their expectation would make you believe that some top headliner should take the stage – not the upcoming indie rock duo PRISMA.

Just after 11pm, the tipi canopy on Rising Stage glows red like a cross section of a volcano. Two voice guitars cut through the air and focus the audience’s attention. So, without any formal introduction, PRISMA is in action. Their sudden opener takes a moment to register with the audience, and then elicits a wave of applause.

Their music is ideal for an audience that is eager to train their head-tilting muscles. It’s fresh, indie power rock, the driving tempo balanced with the two sisters’ soaring, almost distant vocals.

Gratitude is evident
From the very first number, there is such tangible gratitude from both sides of the stage. For many in the crowd, this PRISMA performance marks their first live music from RF2022. In their dizzying reception, there may be an aspect of relief.

PRISMA is an audible confirmation that Festival, after two years of doubts and delays, and the usual race to set up camp, is still here and as real as it has ever been. From the end of PRISMA, the two sisters take a break to give the usual remark to Danish artists: about how playing at Roskilde has always been a dream for them.

But this it feels even more genuine. Maybe it’s because we just have not heard it for a while.

PRISMA proves that it is as untouched as ever
When PRISMA reaches their biggest hit, “I never wanted to meet you” they have already won. The rest of the set is a victory round. They have a few darker, softer numbers, but they’s on the shelf tonight. This set is just the up-tempo crowd-pleasers doing exactly what they are supposed to.

PRISMA’s set closes off an even larger audience than when they started – it’s approaching a thousand people clapping as the two sisters leave the stage. Tonight’s show was, in their own words, somewhat bigger than anyone had ever thought possible.

And for the audience, PRISMA delivered the triumphant feeling that this week almost everything in Roskilde is right where we left it.

Source: The Nordic Page




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