As long as the food in Sweden is enough in wartime

Who is responsible for the food supply if there is a or war

’s food supply is completely dependent on other and a major disruption to the of food as well as fuel and manure can have devastating consequences. Hear Camilla Eriksson from FOI about the responsibility for Swedish food and also the food historian Richard Tellström talks about of the 20th century’s most extensive mistrust of the Swedish state. Everything came from problems with the food supply.

Food in crisis

If the crisis comes, wants us to manage a whole week without grocery stores and stoves. The food must be easy to prepare, require minimal and have a high nutritional value. Hear Elin from the authority tell you everything you need to know.

Preparedness with P4 Extras Erik

Preparedness is a podcast with Erik Blix about preparing for a crisis. In the event of natural disasters, major power outages and, in the worst case, a war, there are things you need to know to cope with everyday life.

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