HS: Most Finns would not make significant concessions to Turkey to join NATO

According to the newspaper, the increase coincided with a decrease in the share of uncertain respondents.

Only 11% of respondents expressed opposition to membership and 10% were unsure.

also surveyed the public’s views on the possibility of amending legislation or compromising certain key principles in response to ’s membership conditions. As many as 70 percent of said that should not do either to meet Turkey’s demands. Only 14 percent, on the other hand, felt that the country should not rule out such concessions.

The strictest views on the demands were found by supporters of the Green Alliance and the Left Alliance. Supporters of basic Finns reacted the most to Turkey’s demands.

Kantar Public interviewed 1,003 people on 20-22. June.

President of Turkey has opposed the attempts by Finns and Swedes to join NATO, arguing that the countries are not harsh enough against terrorism.

The demands have slowed down a process that was only expected to reach a key milestone at the NATO summit in Madrid, on 28-30 October. June. For example, the Defense Alliance must adopt a new strategic concept that will guide its and political development for the next decade or so.

The Finnish delegation to the summit will consist of the President Minister of Defense (Center) and the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Green).

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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