Parliament banned the vice-president of VKK because of a secret image of a colleague

The second vice-chairman of the People’s Party (VKK) is in power Jarno Vähäkainureceived a ban from parliament on Monday after secretly taking a picture of a Iiris Suomela (green) and publishing it on social media.

The ban will run until the end of this parliamentary term. However, according to a statement from Parliament on Monday, the ban does not apply to sitting in the gallery during the plenary session.

Speaker of Parliament, (Central), made a rare decision after talking to the party chair group.

Vähäkainu photographed Suomela in the parliamentary café on Tuesday last week and published it on social media without his knowledge or approval.

In the caption Vähäkainu wrote that he had experienced "quite a lot of sexual harassment" in Parliament – apparently referring to the MP’s allegations of sexual abuse Ville Rydman‘s (NCP), which rose to headlines last week.

Vanhanen, who appeared on TV’s breakfast program last week, said Vähäkainu’s activities were completely inappropriate.

"It had never even been thought that something like this could happen. Normally it makes sense and tends not to do this," The old man said

VKK chair Ano Turtiainen said he saw nothing wrong with the picture. Prior to founding VKK, Turtiainen was separated from Basic because of his social media behavior.

Source: The Nordic Page




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