Sweden should address fundamental issues in order to join NATO Turkey

Stockholm has so far not taken any? Tangible? measures to solve their problems, claims

The Swedish should address issues of “fundamental importance” for to reach an agreement on its NATO membership, Ankara said on Saturday. The news follows a telephone conversation between Turkish President Recep Erdogan and Swedish Prime Minister .

Stockholm should “change its attitude” towards the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which Turkey and many Western nations regard as a terrorist organization, the president’s office said in a statement. So far, has not taken any “tangible measures” to alleviate Ankara’s concerns in this regard, it added.

Other issues that prevent the two sides from reaching an agreement are Sweden’s arms embargo and restrictions on the Turkish defense industry. Ankara has called on Stockholm to take on “binding commitments” on these issues, by establishing “clear implementation mechanisms”.

Andersson described the telephone conversation with Erdogan as a “good conversation” in a Twitter post, but otherwise left some details about the discussion.

In a separate conversation on Saturday, the Turkish leader also raised Sweden’s and ’s membership offer with NATO Secretary General . According to the Turkish side, Erdogan Stoltenberg informed about continued concerns regarding the adoption of Finland and Sweden.

The two Nordic applied to join the US-led military in May, expressing concern about their security in the middle of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. The move met strong opposition from Turkey, which demanded that Finland and Sweden stop hosting PKK members.

On Thursday, Stoltenberg acknowledged that he could not “guarantee” the membership of the two nations but said that was his goal. At the same time, he praised Turkey as a key NATO member and added that its concerns should be addressed.


Source: sn.dk

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