Emma Hamberg

Emma Hamberg is one of ’s most read authors. She won the Big Audiobook Award 2022 in the Feelgood category with her book “Je m’appelle Agneta”. She is also up to date with the cookbook “Au pif!” which is an exploration of the enjoyment of life.

She started as a cartoonist with the series “Single in town” and has since released the teenage book “Lina’s evening book” which became a classic for teenagers. Emma Hamberg has also written the Rosengädda series and published several cookbooks.

Emma Hamberg on her Summer Talk:

– Mitt Sommar is about how to become someone who reads obituaries for breakfast, fills notebooks with true love stories, holds death hard in one hand and life just as hard in the other.

Producer: Erika Strand-Berglund

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