The Russian space agency mocks NATO

Roscosmos published the coordinates of Western “decision centers” ahead of the summit

The Russian space agency marked the start of a key summit for leaders in Madrid on Tuesday by releasing satellite images and coordinates of Western powers.

While the leaders of the 30 members of the US-led bloc are busy with their deliberations in the Spanish capital, “Roscosmos publishes satellite images of the infamous” decision-making centers “that support Ukrainian nationalists.” said the agency in a post on social media, which includes the photos. “We provide coordinates for the locations. For security reasons.”

The coordinates were the not-so-secret locations of the White House and the Pentagon in the , in London, the Elysee Palace in Paris, the German Chancellery in and NATO’s own headquarters in .

At the NATO summit in Madrid this week, members of the organization will adopt a new strategic concept for the alliance, which is expected to identify Russia as a major security threat and cite China as a concern. The bloc will discuss plans to support against Russia, strengthen its member states’ and expand by accepting Finland and as new allies.

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Earlier in June, former Russian President told Al Jazeera that Moscow would strike “decision-making centers” about Kyiv used the weapons obtained from the United States to attack Russian territory.

“It’s obvious what these decision – making centers are: the Ministry of Defense, the General Staff and so on.” he added. “But it should be understood that in this case, unfortunately, the ultimate decision-making centers are not even in the territory of Kiev.”


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