2022 Tour de France: Get on the spandex and saddle up!

will soon host FestiVélo, a festival with a bicycle theme that accompanies the official start of this year’s Tour de in the Danish capital. On 1 and 2 July, the public will be able to take part in a range of activities, including a bike ride along an almost identical route as the opening day’s time trial.

The festival will be free to access. The organizers hope that it will be an opportunity for people in one of the ’s largest bicycle hubs to pay tribute to a central part of their city’s identity.

“With the start of the Tour de France in Copenhagen, we want to create one big yellow folk festival that pays tribute to both professional cycling and everyday cycling,” explains Copenhagen’s Mayor .

: for the professionals
The official opening of the Grand Départ of the Tour de France on July 1, at the center of the FestiVélo festivities, will give spectators the chance to see the world’s best cyclists ride an through the streets of Copenhagen.

The result of the 13.2 km long time trial prologue will determine who will be awarded the first yellow jersey in the Tour de France. Spectators can cheer on their favorite riders as they take off from the corner of Nørre Farimagsgade and HC Andersens Boulevard, banging next to the famous Ørstedsparken, at 16:00.

From Ørstedsparken, cyclists cross the Queen Louise Bridge, a bridge with the world’s busiest cycle path, before driving north past Maersk Tower. When they reach the Traffic Playground, their route changes course and leads them southwest past Amalienborg Castle, the Marble Church and other historic landmarks. Finally, the riders cross the finish line at Rådhuspladsen, the square outside Rådhuset, where the last one is expected shortly before 20.00.

Because competitors complete the time trial one at a time, spectators can expect a fast and exciting series of rides. The first two thirds of the route consists of wide roads and very few sharp turns, allowing cyclists to get maximum speed before reaching a series of narrow, winding and technically challenging streets near the end of the race. The riders’ last obstacle will be a sprint to the finish line, giving an explosive final to each time trial.

The audience can watch along the road or from Fælledparken, where Copenhagen’s largest screen will broadcast the entire Grand Départ.

2022 Tour de France: Get on the spandex and saddle up!
(photo: visit / Viggo Lundberg)

City tour: for the public
On July 2, the audience will be able to drive almost the same route as the Tour de France races in what is called the ‘Tour de Copenhagen’. The big difference is that it will be easier from Fælledparken, not Ørstedsparken.

At least 10,000 everyday cyclists are expected to participate, starting from a starting point at Edel Sauntes Allé in Fælledparken after an opening speech at 09.00.

“The Tour de Copenhagen is a fantastic opportunity for all of us to ride the same route that the world’s fastest cyclists have ridden through the day before,” said Mayor Andersen enthusiastically. “We will be able to follow in the footsteps of favorites like and Tadej Pogacar. I hope that as many Copenhageners as possible will participate. ”

Unlike the official Grand Départ, the Tour de Copenhagen is not a competitive race. Cyclists are free to ride in peace and quiet until the route closes at. 12.00 In this spirit, there are 12 hop-on and hop-off points where riders can join or leave the route whenever they want.

There will also be a number of ‘races in the race’ to pay tribute to the various communities within Copenhagen’s bicycle scene. To show that there is no age limit for cycling, the Senior Stage starts at. 10.00, and the Diversity stage, which pays tribute to cyclists at all levels, follows closely after kl. 11.00.

By including these stages, the Tour de Copenhagen aims to honor any type of cyclist who drives through the streets of Copenhagen from day to day. Together, they maintain the city’s famous environmental way of life.

“[The Tour de København] is an opportunity to pay tribute to everyday cycling heroes: all the many thousands of Copenhageners who every day contribute to creating a greener, cleaner and nicer city when they ride on two wheels instead of four, ”says Copenhagen’s Mayor of Technology and the Environment, Line Barefoot.

At the end, each rider will be presented with a special ‘Tour de Copenhagen’ t-shirt – or at least the first 10,000 who complete the route.

Markets, music and more
FestiVélo is more than just the trip – activities for all age groups will be based on Fælledparken.

In addition to TV2’s coverage of the timing, the big screen will play three documentaries with a bicycle theme. ‘Moon Rider’, ‘Ride for your L1fe’ and ‘A Sunday in Hell’, all of which were recently shown at CPH: DOX, tell about the exhausting, yet rewarding experience of cycling from the perspective of different riders.

There will also be plenty to see on FestiVélo’s stage, including the opening of this year’s , French ballet performed by the Royal Theater and lectures on cycling from, among others, participants in CPH: DOX. A French offer on the traditional Danish beer garden will give participants a selection of ales to try, and for anyone looking for an accompanying bite of food, the food market will offer organic options for snacks, meals and desserts.

Children who participate in FestiVélo can enjoy themselves in Fælledparken’s play zone. Thanks to the street organization GAME and Copenhagen Bike Festival, several test and BMX shows will be performed during the festival, and boiler, parkour and dance workshops will be open for children to participate in. Adults can also burn off the energy by participating in their own cycling-themed activities, such as virtual cycling challenges on a fleet of stationary bikes.

A concert concludes the FestiVélo celebration on the evening of July 2 with the artists Aksglæde, Mina Okabe, Thomas Buttenschøn and more. After two full days of cycling fever, this event promises a chance for festival goers to relax and enjoy some great music.

With the Tour de France to continue to Roskilde on July 2, the city of Copenhagen hopes that the festivities planned around the Grand Départ will create a memorable celebration of France and Denmark’s common love of cycling and an enjoyable start to the Tour de France.

Source: The Nordic Page

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