Blue-green algae spread on the southwest coast, in the lakes

Blue-green algae, or blue-green algae, have increased in marine areas and have also been observed in lakes, Ely has reported.

Blue-green algae were observed this week, especially in the and the Inner Archipelago. Observations of the were made on the coasts of Kemiönsaari, Kaarina and .

However, the amounts of cyanobacteria observed have been low and the inflorescences have not yet grown into large floating clumps. In addition to the archipelago sea, algal blooms have also been observed near the coast in the Gulf of Bothnia.

In open , algae concentrations are mostly clustered in sheltered areas of the archipelago, but most of ’s coast is free of blue-green algae for now.

In Inland Lakes, algae observations are mostly low, but warm and calm weather can change the situation quickly. The same conditions apply to sea areas.

According to Ely, the algae situation is higher than average at this stage of the season.

In , the first cyanobacterial observations were made during Midsummer, while in the southern parts of the country many observations came in advance.

The Finnish recommends that swimmers avoid areas contaminated with blue-green algae due to its harmful effects.

Observations come from Ely observation points, Rotary International observation points and individual reports.

Source: The Nordic Page

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