Heat warnings all over Finland this weekend

The hot weather celebrating Midsummer will continue this weekend. Except for the northernmost part of Lapland, the temperatures will be above 30 degrees on Friday and Saturday, according to Ylen Meteorologi Elias Paakkanen.

Although the weather is mostly sunny, isolated thunderstorms are possible. On Friday, Paakkanen said thunderstorms in Lapland and , while on Saturday there were electric storms on the wider west coast.

Although Sunday is forecast to be still hot, there will be a rainforest across that will allow relief from the heat.

"Rain and thunderstorms are expected, after which the weather will get a little cooler, but in Eastern Finland it can still rise to 30 degrees on Sundays," Paakanen stated.

The has issued heat, forest fire and UV radiation warnings from Friday to Sunday.

Source: The Nordic Page




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