MP Rydman reports the harassing article to the police

Congressman Will Rydman (NCP) has told that he plans to file a criminal complaint with the over an article about his alleged harassment of young women and girls.

"Without a doubt, I will file a request for an investigation. It is absolutely impossible to ignore when such outrageous claims are made in public," Rydman said.

Rydman has been in the headlines since published the story on Sunday, June 19, which contained allegations by several young women and underage girls that Rydman had used his political position to harass them.

"The last few days have been the worst of my life," Rydman told Yle. "Of course, it’s not easy to be the target of something like this, especially when the accusations are so outrageous. And also so weakly, if at all, based on facts."

He added that he is likely to make a request to the police next week first reported Turun Sanomat.

"These are always legally difficult questions, how to structure the investigation request. Here are a few technicalities that are delaying it," Rydman said.

However, he did not want to specify the likely content of the request for an investigation or what specific allegations contained in the article would be the subject of his request.

"This matter will become clear once the request for an inquiry has been lodged," he said.

Once the request is made, the police will decide if there is enough evidence to initiate a preliminary investigation.

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NCP leadership “shocked” by the content of HS’s article

Chairman of the Coalition Party Petteri told Yle after the publication of Helsingin Sanomat ‘s article that this was the case "shocking" read, adding that the party intended to investigate the allegations thoroughly.

Rydman later resigned from the NCP parliamentary group "for now" on the basis of shortly after the publication of the article.

He made his resignation after discussing with party leader Orpo and the chairman of the parliamentary group Kai but Rydman told Yle that it was still too early to consider whether he should set up a parliamentary group alone.

He further stated that he does not know when the NCP will decide whether he can return to the party or not.

"Haven’t spoken [of a timetable]. During the summer, we can probably set some kind of milestones for the future," Rydman said.

Source: The Nordic Page

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