Sweden, Finland’s decision to join NATO will make us more confident: Joe Biden

Madrid []June 30 (ANI): In the midst of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, US President Joe Biden said on Thursday (local time) that ’s and Finland’s decision to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization () would increase the collective strength of the alliance and make it stronger and safer.

On Twitter, Biden said, “The NATO Alliance is proud to invite Finland and Sweden to join. Their decision to join this alliance will make us stronger and more secure – it will strengthen the steps we take during this summit for to strengthen our collective strength. ” When the NATO summit began in Madrid in the midst of the raging conflict in Ukraine, Biden, together with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, declared new troop movements, equipment transports and installations.

“The United States and our allies are standing up and proving that NATO is needed now more than ever, and is as important as it has ever been,” Biden was quoted as saying by CNN.

Biden also said that the United States plans to establish a permanent headquarters for the Fifth Army Corps in and to maintain another rotating brigade of 3,000 soldiers in .

In addition, Washington will also improve rotational placements to the , send additional F-35 fighter squadrons to the and station additional air defenses and other capabilities in Germany and Italy.

“Together with our allies, we will ensure that NATO is ready to face threats from all directions across all domains, land, air and sea,” Biden said, adding that the United States will also improve its rotational placements in the Baltic states, as well as increase the number of fighters based on Rota naval base in Spain to six.

Biden has also announced Washington’s plan to build air defense capabilities in Germany and Italy.

The NATO summit began in Madrid on Tuesday, enabling the Western military alliance to show a common front against Moscow, and to start the process of Finland and Sweden’s inclusion in the alliance.

This summit comes when lifted its veto on Finland’s and Sweden’s attempts to join NATO, which ended a dispute that tested the alliance’s unity.

This agreement signals a significant change in security dynamics in Europe as the abandon their decades-long neutrality to join the military alliance.

Finnish President Sauli Niinisto said on Tuesday that Turkey has agreed to support Finland’s and Sweden’s bid for NATO membership, removing the biggest obstacle to the two countries joining the alliance.

Niintso said that a joint memorandum on the issue was signed by Turkey, Finland and Sweden in Madrid. The joint memorandum underlines the commitment of Finland, Sweden and Turkey to “extend their full support for threats to each other’s security”, Niinisto said.

Stoltenberg said he was “confident” that Finland and Sweden would be able to successfully join NATO following the signing of the trilateral memorandum of understanding.

The ongoing NATO summit in Madrid has already become one of the most consistent in the history of the military alliance. (ANI)

Source: sn.dk

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