The Helsinki energy company is building a 400 million euro tunnel with seawater to heat apartments

The pumps, which are not included in the cost estimate of EUR 400 million, are capable of generating from cold seawater of up to 2 ° C.

The actual construction phase is predicted to last about five years, so the facility could start using the heat of seawater in the production of regional shelters in 2029 at the earliest.

“Helen believes that seawater heat pumps play an important role in the transition towards a distributed energy system, where energy is produced at several sites. The energy center, or heating and cooling network, offers the opportunity to combine innovative technologies and production methods. said Timo AaltonenDirector of Helen’s energy platform.

on Wednesday wrote that when completed, the tunnel would be the first to be built using tunnel boring machines (TBMs), which were used to build the Channel Tunnel between England and , for example. Acciona brings its expertise in tunnel drilling to the project, as the machines have been used to make a tunnel for high-speed rail traffic between and Ski in .

The seawater tunnel is scheduled to end approximately 17 kilometers from the capital’s coast.

Helen has announced that the combined heat and power plant will phase out coal in 2024. Its Hanasaari plant will phase out the use of fossil fuels in April 2023. The energy company is currently conducting a feasibility study on the utilization of collected at the plant. Kilpilahti industrial area in .

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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