Denmark will be the first country in the world to ban lead ammunition

From 1 April 2024, it will be illegal for hunters to shoot with lead ammunition in .

This decision was made by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, as lead ammunition has commonly been used to shoot larger wild animals, such as red deer, and this ban will eliminate the risk of finding lead when eating this venison – which can lead to lead poisoning.

A health threat
Each year, up to 2,000 kg of lead is left over by hunters in the wild, and if this is ingested by other animals, such as birds, it can pose a threat to their health.

The use of lead in fishing gear has already been banned due to the potential health effects it may have.

The chairman of the Danish Hunters’ Association, Marie-Louise Achton-Lyng, said that the ban had long been required. The organization has been working towards a ban since 2019.

Widespread effects
Denmark is the first country in the world to have introduced this ban, and according to Niels Kanstrup, researcher at University, the signal this sends has already been widespread, as the EU is now in the process of reducing the use of lead in ammunition .

Lead-free bullets are widely available, and Jens Henrik Jakobsen, hunter and game consultant for the Nature Agency West , is a fan: “They even better than what I have used before.”

As the ban only takes effect in 2024, it will give hunters a transitional period to switch to lead-free bullets and ammunition.

Source: The Nordic Page




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