Paper: Delays make it more difficult for the Finnish Navy to build warships

The construction of the navy’s four new battleships will be delayed by up to a year and a half, reported on Thursday.

Ministry of Defense official Lauri Puranenthe director of the ministry’s strategic projects program confirmed the postponement to the newspaper.

The setback will extend the completion of the entire fleet at least until 2029, Puranen said.

As a result, the fleet will have to extend the life of old ships.

The Navy had ordered four multi-purpose corvettes from for approximately EUR 1.3 billion.

Iltalehti wrote that the delay was primarily due to the shipyard’s difficulty in designing the ships.

Puranen expressed his concern about the delay in the warship design process last November. At the time, however, it was reported that despite the design problem, the entire fleet would be completed by 2028.

Source: The Nordic Page




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