Roskilde 2022: Snail Mail delivers

Guitarist and singer-songwriter Lindsey Jordan first appeared as Snail Mail in 2015 at the age of just 15 years. A year later, she released her first EP.

Two more years later – after reportedly bringing 15 different label offerings to high school – she dropped her first album, Lush, to critical acclaim. Last night, a year after the release of his second album, Valentine, she took the stage at .

Sets the bar high
While a -soaked mass crouched under the Pavilion tent, Jordan and the company delivered one of the week’s most stable, most touching performances. Some no doubt joined the crowd to escape the periodic rainfall outside, but the music prevented them from going.

They opened with the title number from Valentine – a vulnerable, powerful, eruptive introduction to a well-developed set list to follow. Two more tracks from that album, ‘Ben Franklin’ and ‘Glory’, followed, and then ‘Speaking Terms’ – a hit from her debut album, which is still one of her most popular songs.

With the exception of an attempt in the middle of the show on a joke that fell flat, the rest of the show met the high bar early. Jordan switched guitars after almost every song, delivering a selection of different but cohesive harmonies, and managed to keep the high without just being loud.

Older songs stand out
’ – a song with the title in sharp contrast to the weather of the day – made perhaps the night’s biggest influence. Breakthrough of short but striking guitar solo by Jordan, got a gripping chorus audience on their feet and clapped along.

‘Golden Dream’ and ‘Thinning’ were other standouts that came from her debut album and her EP, respectively.

At the end of the show, it was Snail Mail’s most famous song, ‘Pristine’, which – according to some – is “pretty much an indie-rock masterpiece“. It would be fair to call it an exaggeration, but no matter what, last night in Roskilde, Snail Mail delivered.

Source: The Nordic Page




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