Von der Leyen: Ukraine needs “hard work and determination” to join the EU

“You have created an impressive anti-corruption machine. But now these institutions need teeth and the right people for leading positions,” he said.

Von der Leyen said should appoint new heads of the specialized anti-corruption prosecutor’s office and the national anti-corruption agency as soon as possible.

He also emphasized the need to reform the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, which requires legislation on the selection procedures of judges in accordance with the recommendations of the Venice Commission.

“Many of the laws and institutions you need already exist. Now is the time to turn the rules and bodies into positive and sustainable change,” he said.

Von der Leyen spoke to the Ukrainian parliament after Ukraine and were accepted as EU candidates on June 23.

Ukraine applied for EU membership shortly after the conflict with began at the end of February. The country submitted its application on February 28, while Moldova applied for EU membership on March 3.

Source: / Xinhua

Source: The Nordic Page




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