The road into NATO, missing wedding organizers and the houseboats in Cairo

Rocky road left into

The NATO application is signed, as is the membership contract, but the approval that all NATO members must give remains. What can now go wrong on that road? How will behave? What has the promised? Wieslander, Northern manager at the think tank Atlantic council and xx sorts out.

There is no officiant

Giftassugen this summer? It can be difficult, as there are only half as many wedding planners as needed. How do the municipalities handle this and how well does the exercise of authority actually in Sweden?

The whole program at a glance

Hour one:

  • Party leader hearing in with Andersson, S; interrogator Mikael Sjödell

  • Wedding ceremonies are missing in the wedding boom

  • The Bataclan trial

  • Chronicle Göran Rosenberg

  • The panels

    Two o’clock

  • NATO application not in port yet

  • Satire with Outskirts Sweden

  • The houseboats in are to be demolished

  • The situation – talks with a correspondent on the spot

  • Homelessness Entrepreneurs in San Francisco

  • Kåseri Pamela Jaskoviak

Host: Sara Stenholm
Producer: Yasmine El Rafie
Technician: Martin Seipel


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