The capital region says goodbye due to the heat wave on Monday

“Looks like we’re getting a respite from the heat and hopefully some ,” he commented.

Today is the last day in so far with temperatures over 25 degrees. The forecast promises 20–25 degrees for Tuesday and 18–20 degrees for Wednesday. Showers are forecast to start at times from Tuesday and more often, and a few thunderstorms may occur from Thursday.

However, no major storms are expected to develop this week.

Tuovinen confirmed that there is currently no new on the horizon, and reminded that temperatures above 25 degrees have already remained for 10 days. “It would be unusual if we had a wave like that here. This is more about getting back to normal.”

He explained that cooler air is expected to flow inland, pulling temperatures below the seasonal average as the prevailing high pressure subsides.

The warm weather ends this week also in other parts of . Tuovinen said on it will be warm in a large part of the country, but the temperatures will start to drop and showers will develop from Tuesday.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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