Copenhagen shooter remanded in custody in psychiatric treatment due to reports that he uploaded videos with weapons the day before the attack

The man arrested for killing three people and injuring several others during a shooting at Field’s mall will be remanded in custody at a psychiatric ward for 24 days, police said Monday.

The 22-year-old Danish man had been known by psychiatric professionals, the police had previously stated, and there was no indication that the shooting was terror-related. They believe the gunman acted alone and selected his victims at random.

The suspect has been charged with , and the judge who heard the case on Monday banned both the suspect and 10 victims listed in the indictment.

Three killed, several wounded
The shooting took place Sunday at several locations inside Field’s. Social media footage showed people fleeing and heavily armed law enforcement officers at the scene. The suspect had a rifle and ammunition when he was arrested, police said.

Two 17-year-old Danish citizens, a man and a woman, and a 47-year-old Russian citizen were killed in the attack, Søren Thomassen, ’s police chief, revealed at a press conference on Monday.

Two other Danes and two Swedish citizens received gunshot wounds and were in a critical but stable condition, Thomassen said, while several others sustained minor injuries when they left the shopping center. A total of 27 people were injured in the attack, 20 of whom were “slightly injured during the evacuation”.

Thomassen said there was no indication that the attack was an “act of terrorism”. Police believe the victims were chosen at random and there is no indication that other attackers were involved.

The suspect allegedly posted video the day before the attack
The day before the shooting, a man believed to be the 22-year-old gunman uploaded several videos to . Three of these videos were titled “I Don’t Care” and showed the man pointing a hunting rifle and a gun at his own head.

In the description of one of the videos, the uploader wrote “Quetiapine does not ”. Quetiapine is an antipsychotic drug approved in for the treatment of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depression.

The clothes the man wore in the videos, including a sleeveless vest and cargo shorts, matched the clothes the gunman was wearing.

These videos and the suspect’s channel have now been removed from YouTube for violating the platform’s Community Guidelines.

The threat assessment remains unchanged
The shooting was the deadliest case of gun violence in Denmark since February 2015, when a 22-year-old man was killed in an exchange of gunfire with the police after killing two people and injuring five others. The attack was determined to be an act of terrorism.

The Police Intelligence Service, the police intelligence service, has stated that the shooting on Sunday does not change the level of threats in Denmark.

“Sunday’s shooting in Field’s is currently being investigated as a murder case, and it therefore does not currently give reason to change the terrorist threat assessment against Denmark, which is still serious,” the intelligence service said in a statement to DR News.

“PET continuously monitors the investigation to see if there are any factors that may be relevant to the assessment.”

Memorial service today
At 20.00 today, a memorial service will be held on Ørestads Boulevard at Field’s, which will be closed next week at least.

In preparation for the service, the road between Arne Jacobsens Alle and Hannemanns Alle will be closed to traffic today, Copenhagen Police informs on , and will be reopened at midnight.

The Tour de will also pay tribute to the victims of the shooting with a minute of applause at the start of the fourth stage in today, organizers said.

Source: The Nordic Page

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