Satellite images show an emptied Russian military base near the Finnish border

According to satellite images obtained by , a large part of the base of the Russian Alakurti military base on the Finnish border has been removed.

In , no information has been made public about the possible transfer of troops or .

Since mid-May, more than 100 have left Alakurt, including dozens of armored personnel carriers. This number of vehicles roughly corresponds to a battalion’s combat section. There are about 800 soldiers in such battalions.

This shows that about a third of the 2,000 soldiers stationed at the base have left during the same period.

"It is very likely that they were transported by train to ," military expert Marko Eklund evaluated.

Take Ritonummi / Yle


Thanks to its proximity to the Finnish border and its troops specialized in fighting in conditions, the Alakurtti brigade is the most significant Russian unit north of the from Finland’s point of view.

Based on spring satellite images and publicly available information, Alakurtti was the only military base near Finland that had not yet sent an entire combat unit to the war .

Source: The Nordic Page

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