The hockey veteran denies Russian move after backlash in his home country

Miks Indrasis claimed that he had not signed a contract with Spartak Moscow, despite the Russian club insisting otherwise

The Russian ice hockey team Spartak Moscow has said that they are ready for a legal battle with the Latvian star Miks Indrasis after he claimed that he had not signed for the team, despite reports to the contrary.

Spartak announced at the end of June that they had signed a one-year contract with Indrasis, which has represented the Latvian national team for the past decade.

The news sparked an outcry in Indrasi’s home country, where the state parliament already in April declared that all Latvian athletes who show up for Russian teams would be banned from representing their country.

But on Tuesday to social media, the 31-year-old Indrasis denied that he had entered into a contract with Spartak.

“The information published by Spartak Moscow that I join this club is not true, I do not have a valid contract with this club!” wrote veteranyttern.

“Rather the opposite – I have an existing contract with another team. Spartak are dissatisfied with my refusal to play in , so this is their behavior!” added Indrasis.

The player said “condemns” Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine.

“I am a Latvian patriot and my attitude towards my country has always been expressed in [sports arena]wears the jersey in nine consecutive world championships! “ said Indrasis and also responded to the social media backlash he had encountered in recent days.

Spartak has responded to Indrasi’s allegations by insisting that they have a valid contract with him, indicating that the matter would be resolved by lawyers.

“The contract between Spartak and the striker for the Latvian national team Miks Indrasis was signed in accordance with the rules and registered with the KHL [Kontinental Hockey League] Central Information Office “, read a statement from the team.

“All KHL contracts are recognized by the (IIHF) and must be executed. The question of the current contract between Spartak and Mik Indrasis will be decided in the legal field, and not in the public sphere.

“If the player decides not to meet the terms of the contract, he must pay compensation to the club in accordance with KHL rules.” added it.

Indrasis has previously played for the Russian teams Dynamo Moscow, Vityaz and . He spent the end of last season in the EHC Biel in the Swiss National League.

is not the only country trying to dissuade its hockey stars from playing for Russian teams.

The Swedish and Finnish hockey authorities have both said that they will not consider players for national team selection if they decide to sign new agreements with clubs in Russia.

The attitude that can affect the Swedish defender , who recently extended his contract with in the KHL.

The KHL will also lose teams from Finland and Latvia next season, after the and Dinamo Riga both withdrew from the Russian-based league due to the conflict in Ukraine.

At the diplomatic level, Finnish President Niinisto recently told the media in Italy that he would no longer consider playing hockey with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, as the couple had previously gone to the ice together as early as 2012.

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