Danish news: Despite the extended deadline, 40,000 tax forms from companies in Denmark are still missing

The Danish Agency has said in a press release that there is still a lack of 40,000 accounting forms from companies in .

The deadline, this morning, was postponed after operational problems last week at Nets – the company behind national services such as Dankort and . According to the agency, these issues have been resolved, but many companies have failed to take advantage of them.

“There is a lot of capacity right now, but there are few companies that are logged in to TastSelv, and we have only received a few digital information forms. There is capacity to receive many more, ”says Kenneth Joensen, corporation tax director at the Danish Tax Agency, in the press release.

Fines are likely to be imposed
If a company does not submit the required information to the Danish Tax Agency before the new 7 July deadline, it will be charged a tax surcharge for each day the information is delayed.

The tax surcharge amounts to DKK 200 per day and a maximum of DKK 5,000.

“It will be a pity if the companies do not take advantage of the days that the extension of the information deadline has provided,” said Joensen. “It is unlikely that we will postpone the deadline again.”

To turn the clock in
The Greenlandic has proposed changing its time zone from UTC -3 to UTC -2. If the proposal is adopted, Greenland will move one hour closer to its eastern neighbors, including Denmark, the Faroe Islands and the United Kingdom. The proposal comes after an agreement reached in March between the Greenlandic and Danish governments, which gave Greenland the green light to choose its own time zone. Should it change to UTC -2, Greenland would be three hours behind Denmark.

found in sausage products
Danish Crown Foods is recalling a batch of its ‘Tulip delicious roll sausage’, as listeria has been found in the product. Infection with listeria can cause flu-like symptoms, including fever and headaches, and gastrointestinal problems. In May, an outbreak of listeria killed three Danes. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration advises consumers to deliver the product back to the store where it was purchased or to discard it.

Fewer Danes are seeking further education
In the autumn of 2021, 23,000 young people in Denmark had not received any further education in the five years following the completion of primary school – an increase of 8,000 from 2014. According to the Labor Movement’s Business Council, the thinking behind the results: “We risk being left with a growing group of new, young unskilled, if the young students are not helped along the way. ”

Traffic accidents at a historic low
The number of people killed or injured in road accidents has fallen to the lowest level since the registrations began in the early 1930s, Statistics Denmark reports. However, according to the board: “The historically low level must be seen in the context of the fact that traffic in periods up to 2021 has been reduced due to the COVID-19 restrictions.”

It’s Christmas in July for the Central Jutland cookie company
Kelsen Group, a cookie company based in central Jutland, is already preparing Christmas cookies for delivery to the USA. The company is trying to avoid a repeat of last year, when 5 percent of the Christmas cookies arrived after the holiday had passed. A total of 2,000 tonnes of Christmas cookies must be produced before the employees go on summer holiday in a few weeks.

Carlsberg introduces eco-conscious beer
This summer, customers in eight European countries will have the opportunity to try Carlsberg’s first ‘climate-friendly beer’. In addition to Denmark, the beer will be available in , Norway, Sweden, , , Poland and the United Kingdom. The beer comes in a plant-based bottle, which Carlsberg says emits less carbon dioxide during the production process than a disposable glass bottle. The beer itself is brewed with organic barley malt and grown with a sustainable, regenerative cultivation method.

Source: The Nordic Page

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