Police: The heat in the car claimed the life of a child in Eastern Finland

According to the , a child under the age of 15 died of heatstroke in a car in Eastern earlier this week.

According to authorities, the interior of the vehicle was very hot when the child was found lifeless when volunteers arrived.

The police reported that first aid was given immediately, but without success.

"In this tragic case, no is suspected and the police are investigating the case to determine the cause of death," said the detective inspector Simo Hämäläinen from the Eastern Finland police.

According to Hämäläinen, no more information about the case will be given because the investigation matters are confidential by .

In the summer, the police warned about the dangers of hot car interiors and urged people to note that children and people with reduced mobility may not be able to, or even don’t know, that they have to get out of the car on their own if the car gets dangerously hot.

The inside the car can quickly reach a life-threatening level, even more than four times the outside temperature. This is especially true in direct sunlight, where the car windows act like a and heat the interior.

"That’s why it’s worth making sure you can get out, for example by opening a window," Hämäläinen explained.

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Source: The Nordic Page




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