Finns are looking for cheap gas in Russia when the border opens

The re-opening of the border between Russia and on July 1 has increased ’ refueling trips to the eastern neighbor.

The ongoing war in has not stopped drivers from looking for cheaper and diesel, as fuel prices have risen well over 2 euros per liter in the past year.

The average price of a liter is up to three times higher in Finland than in Russia.

"It’s such a good deal considering the current petrol and diesel prices. We have two cars in the family. We can now put the saved towards a trip," resident of the eastern border Mirva Sukhanov told while visiting neighboring Svetogorsk.

Sukhanov has established a group where users can share tips and other information about refueling trips in Russia. The group has reactivated after a hiatus caused by the and war , according to Suhanov.

Travelers to Russia are still required to submit Covid documents, but Russian authorities announced they will lift all remaining coronavirus-related entry restrictions on July 15.

Despite the sanctions imposed as a result of the war in Ukraine, can also travel to Finland. As of July 1st, international arrivals no longer need to submit Covid documents upon arrival.

Source: The Nordic Page

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