Municipalities are reimbursed for the accommodation costs of persons who have fled Ukraine

The Finnish Immigration Service reimburses municipalities for accommodation costs. The municipal model is applied until March 4, 2023.

The municipality can agree with the reception center that the municipality offers temporary protection recipients accommodation services in accordance with the Act on the Reception of Persons Seeking International Protection. The agreement has been negotiated with 90 municipalities so far. Most of these contracts are now handled internally by the municipalities.

Positive reception for the municipal model

The municipal model enables people who have fled to live in places where they have family or friends, or other ties.

The model’s contracts currently apply to approximately 1,700 customers. The registration of customers in the municipal model is ongoing, why do not all customers accommodated in municipalities appear in the model’s accommodation register.

“The next step in the municipal model is to investigate the possibility of transferring temporary protection recipients directly to those municipalities that have announced that they have plenty of facilities in accordance with the municipal model for use and are ready to coordinate accommodation,” says special expert Tiina Järvinen.

The first such transfer was made from the reception center to Ikaalis, where 24 were accommodated.

The municipality offers temporary protection recipients accommodation and guidance in everyday life. All other reception services are provided by the reception center where they are registered as customers.

“The municipal model has received a positive reception in different parts of and it has attracted a lot of interest. The Immigration Office considers cooperation with municipalities important and the municipal model as a good way to accept people applying for temporary protection,” says Järvinen.

Reception centers organize social and health services

All applicants or recipients of temporary protection are registered at the reception center, even if they live in a private or municipality-organized apartment.

Refugees from Ukraine receive healthcare services primarily from reception centers and service providers selected by the Finnish Immigration Service through a tender process. The reception center also organizes the necessary social services for them and takes care of, among other things, the payment of the reception fee.

As a general rule, municipal healthcare services are limited to the use of the residents of those municipalities, which do not include asylum seekers. That is why the Immigration Office acquires services at the health center level after a tender. The level of care is determined by the Act on the Reception of Persons Seeking International Protection.

However, the municipalities have been offering some healthcare services to the clients of the reception center for years, such as maternity and children’s clinics and oral healthcare services. Municipalities will continue to be reimbursed for the costs of these services without a separate agreement.

The Finnish Immigration Service is responsible for directing, planning and supervising the operation of the reception system. The reception centers of the Finnish Immigration Service are located in , (Joutseno) and . Other reception centers are run by organizations, municipalities and companies. There are currently 72 reception centers, offices and service points for those staying in private apartments and eight units for minors operating in Finland. Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there were 20 reception centers and seven units for minors in Finland.

Fact sheet: Temporary protection for refugees from Ukraine

  • Anyone applying for temporary protection in Finland should contact the police or border authorities. After this, the Immigration Office issues a residence permit on the basis of temporary protection.
  • The applicant can start working as soon as the police or border authority has registered the application for temporary protection.
  • Temporary protection can be granted to Ukrainian citizens who cannot return to Ukraine due to the Russian invasion.
  • Protection can also be granted to citizens of countries outside the and outside the and to stateless persons who have legally resided in Ukraine and fled the country due to the Russian invasion and whose safe and permanent return to their home country is not possible. possible.
  • Protection can also be granted to family members of Ukrainian citizens and those who have received international protection or equivalent national protection in Ukraine, if the family ties were born in Ukraine before the Russian invasion.
  • Those who fled Ukraine receive a Finnish personal identification number when they are granted temporary protection.

Source: Finnish Immigration Service

Source: The Nordic Page

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