Sverker Sörlin

is an award-winning author and professor of environmental history at the Royal Institute of Technology.

For a long time, Sverker Sörlin has also been part of the Swedish cultural debate as a writer in , among others. He has written a number of books, mainly in the field of the history of ideas, but also autobiographical about cross-country skiing, illness and education.

In his dissertation “The Land of the Future” from 1988, he described the first in Norrland at the end of the 19th century. A similar development is taking place today – and the hope for the future of northern ’s new large industries is growing again.

Sverker Sörlin on his Summer Talk:

– My Summer is about the love of life and about things that help us to live, such as empathy, justice – and education. And so it will be about the vision of the fossil-free Sweden. There, the new Gröna Norrland is a test case.

Producer: Niklas Zachrisson

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