Supo: The number of cyber attacks did not increase in Finland despite the NATO application

This spring, was targeted by fewer cyberattacks than the Security and Intelligence Service (Supo) had anticipated.

It was generally thought that the number of attacks would increase after attacked and Finland applied for membership, but according to the security agency, this has not happened so far.

According to Supo’s authorities, the situation may be due to the relatively accelerated speed of Finland’s NATO application process, which may have surprised Russia.

"The worst scenarios did not materialize and the situation is calm for now. Russia’s resources are also largely tied to the war in Ukraine. This will likely have an impact on the situation in Finland." Supo told in an email.

However, Finland’s pending NATO membership may increase cyber companies in Finland.

According to the intelligence agency, cyber attacks usually include phishing attempts, denial of service attacks, data breaches and malware attacks.

State-funded cyber attacks are a constant threat, Supo stated, adding that Finland is often targeted by and Russia.

Attacks are also often carried out by smaller criminal groups seeking financial gain, the agency explained.

However, Jarno LimnélliA professor of cyber security at said that Finland should be careful when assessing whether major cyber security threats to the country are imminent.

"You might think this is the calm before the storm, but I would also be very careful not to create an atmosphere of fear," Limnéll said.

Source: The Nordic Page




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