THL boss: Life should return to normal this summer despite Covid

The number of Covid patients in hospitals is increasing again in .

Mika SalminenAccording to the director of the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (), only time will tell if the rise is temporary or not.

According to THL data published on Thursday, there were 475 Covid patients in in Finland. According to Salminen, 60 percent of these patients are hospitalized due to the Covid disease, while the rest have been hospitalized for other reasons despite virus-positive tests.

The number of patients in intensive care had not increased. According to Salminen, this was proof that still offer protection against serious diseases, despite the public debate that has sometimes led people to believe otherwise.

As for how people should take the Covid risk into account this summer, Salminen urged people to live their lives normally.

A fourth dose later this summer

THL plans to expand the recommendation of the fourth Covid at the end of summer, which will be confirmed by the beginning of August at the latest. Those in the risk group of serious diseases aged 12-59 and over 60 get the vaccine.

Apart from demographics, Salminen said he did not see a need for a fourth vaccine dose. Severe disease is so rare in the younger population that the new vaccine doses would not provide additional protection, Salminen said.

“Vaccines cannot prevent infection, so they are not necessary for these young people,” Salminen stated.

Source: The Nordic Page




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