The vast majority of Finns approve of the government’s foreign and security policy, it turns out

The majority of approve of the current ’s foreign and policy, according to a survey conducted by the Municipal Development Foundation (KAKS).

About 63 percent of the respondents liked the government’s foreign, security and defense policy "Very good" or "pretty good".

When asked about the of the Covid , 58 percent thought the government’s actions were very or fairly good.

However, the respondents to the survey were not equally satisfied with the state of the Finnish or the functioning of social and services. In response to questions about both topics, 42 percent gave the government a "bad" or "egregious" classification.

During the early weeks of June, the survey conducted by inquired about the opinion of slightly more than 1,000 people living in , with a margin of error of just under 3 percent in either direction.

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Source: The Nordic Page




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