Highest consumer price increase in Denmark since 1983 – Statistics Denmark

’s index has risen to its highest level since 1983. according to Statistics Denmark.

June saw a staggering 8.2 percent increase from a year ago. In February 1983, the increase was just half a point higher.

Statistics Denmark states that the probable reason is the rising commodity prices, which have risen by approximately 12.7 per cent in the past year. Prices of , gas, fuel and electricity were particularly hard hit in June.

As a result, Arbejdernes Landsbank assesses that families have to spend 35,000 kroner extra to afford the same goods as a year ago.

A broader
The news from Statistics Denmark comes in the middle of an international cost of living crisis exacerbated by the conflict between and Ukraine.

“The invasion of Ukraine comes with a price, and that price we must all pay,” said Prime Minister .

Economists from Arbejdernes Landsbank estimate that the current rise in can be offset by the end of the year and hopefully fall to around five percent.

Source: The Nordic Page

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