MP Rydman files a police complaint about the paper "deeply stigmatizing" article

of Will Rydman (NCP) announced that it filed a complaint with the on about the article regarding his alleged behavior towards young women.

Rydman claimed in a tweet that HS published a "deeply stigmatizing" report, even though the editors of the publication had been shown ample evidence that the narrative described in it was not true.

The article contained the claims of several women Rhythm used his political position to reach young women and girls. However, the police’s preliminary investigation found no evidence of a .

Several women told HS that Rydman, now 36, served them drinks and sometimes served alcohol to underage girls.

After the story was published, Rydman announced that he was temporarily resigning from the NCP parliamentary group. The politician also temporarily resigned from his position as the first vice-chairman of the Helsinki City Council.

About an hour after Rydman’s Monday tweet, the Helsinki police confirmed that the agency received a criminal complaint about the HS story published on the same day as Rydman’s article.

Source: The Nordic Page




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