Bob Dylan is set to play at the Royal Arena in September – tickets go on sale tomorrow early

Beat it ! And you too, .

Both men recently turned 80 within days of giving outstanding performances at the Glastonbury and Jazz Festival respectively.

But they still have another year to match ’s achievements, who at the age of 81 have confirmed he will visit the Royal Arena in September with his ‘Rough and Rowdy Ways’ tour.

No, no, no, not September 2023 – the permutations of whether he’s that far is a concert organizer’s nightmare – but in exactly 80 days on 30 September.

Not a fan of mobiles
Dylan, who last performed in at 2019, has made a special demand prior to the concert, for which tickets will go on sale tomorrow at 10.00.

All mobile phones must be handed in before the show – so unfortunately, if you had plans to watch the concert on the small screen of your mobile, you will be disappointed.

Dylan has never been a fan of fans taking pictures, so the advent of the mobile age has been something of a nuisance for him.

In in 2019, he stopped playing for 10 seconds after asking a fan armed with a mobile phone: “We can either play or pose. Okay?”

Queue for your tickets here.

Source: The Nordic Page

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