Economists see a ray of hope in the political situation in almost all regions of the world

“At least the fighting has remained regional.” Participants rated political stability in 15 of the 18 regions under review as better than in the first quarter of 2022. Respondents from Western and Southern in particular are more confident, rating political stability 19 and 24 points better (on a scale of −100 to +100). On the other hand, people in Northern and are slightly less satisfied with the ’s activities.

The political situation indicator consists of the categories political stability and government performance. The data is first averaged at country level and then within 18 regions.

Estimates of economic policy vary worldwide, especially when it comes to future challenges. Regarding Europe, the estimates are more negative in Eastern Europe, but more positive in Western and Southern Europe compared to the previous quarter. The assessments are also divided in America: although North Americans estimate that the economic policy will cope with future challenges better than in the previous quarter, South Americans estimate the economic policy of their governments to be worse.

Source: ifo Institute

Source: The Nordic Page




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