In Finland, the prices of gasoline and diesel have fallen

Fueling drivers’ tanks with and diesel became cheaper last week compared to recent fuel prices.

The average price of a liter of diesel fell to 2.36 euros last week, while it was 2.53 euros the previous week. According to Statistics , a liter of 95-octane gasoline cost 2.40 euros last week, while it was 2.55 euros the previous week.

Fuel prices were last as low as last week in the last week of May.

The number-crunching agency bases its fuel price figures on a survey of about 60 gas stations across the country.

The drop in prices was due to the ’s decision to temporarily reduce the obligation of fuel to distribute renewable this year.

According to the Ministry of and Labour, the Distribution Obligation Act "requires that traffic fuel distributors deliver a minimum amount of renewable fuels for consumption each year based on separate regulations."

While reducing such obligations lowers prices, it also increases emissions.

According to the ministry’s estimate, lowering the distribution obligation will lower the pump price of diesel by about 12 cents per liter and gasoline by a little less.

A similar reduction requested by the government is in the works for next year as well. However, there are broader plans to increase the levels of long-term distribution obligations to compensate for temporary declines.

Source: The Nordic Page




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