The King and the Prince

Over the past year, there have been numerous reports in the media about “The King” and “The Prince”. Two former defense lawyers who were expelled from the Bar Association last year after their communication with people linked to network through in a way that caused them to commit serious crimes against legal ethics.

Earlier this spring, “The King” was charged with preparation for murder and both he and the “prince” have been charged with, among other things, gross protection of criminals.

These are connections to networks in both the southern parts of , such as Vårby and Vårberg, and to the north-western parts, such as the Death Patrol in Järva.

Both “The King” and “The Prince” have denied crimes during the investigation and trial.

On Tuesday, July 12, the verdict was announced in Södertörn District Court against the former lawyers. The “king” is sentenced to six years in prison for preparation for murder. He is acquitted of the charges of aiding and abetting a particularly serious drug crime and protection of a criminal, a serious crime.

The “prince” is sentenced to four years in prison for aiding and abetting a particularly serious drug offense and a violation of a restraining order. He is acquitted of the charge of protecting a criminal, a felony.

This week, P3 Krim tells about the background to one of the spring’s most notorious trials and what events are linked to the two previous lawyers.


* Ewamari Häggkvist, prosecutor

* Slobodan Jovicic, defense attorney

* Thomas Olsson, defense lawyer

* Mikael Jonsson, former head of Fenix ​​at Kumla.


Evalisa Wallin

Viktor Ahldén

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