Chinese couple wins mixed doubles at WTT Star Contender in Budapest

Chinese couple wins mixed doubles at WTT Star Contender in Budapest

BUDAPEST, July 16 (Xinhua) – The Chinese couple Wang Chuqin / Wang Manyu returned from two matches to defeat the Japanese duo Harimoto Tomokazu / Hayata Hina for the mixed doubles title at the World Table Tennis (WTT) Star Contender held here on Saturday.

In the mixed doubles final, Wang Chuqin / Wang Manyu lost the first two matches 11-9, 11-6 before returning to win 11-7, 11-7 and 11-9.

Wang Manyu said after the victory that the final was very difficult to play as their opponents played very well. Due to her knee injury, the pressure was quite high at first.

Wang Chuqin said that Wang Manyu gave him a lot of confidence and encouragement in the third game, and her performance and desire to win is quite worth learning from.

However, due to a knee injury, Wang Manyu announced later on Saturday that he was withdrawing from the women’s singles competition. Still, she said she would work hard to compete in the women’s doubles final.

In the women’s doubles final, Wang Manyu / Sun Yingsha will face the Japanese couple Mima Ito / Hina Hayata.

There are several surprises in the semifinals of the men’s singles when top-seeded Ma Long lost 4-3 to Wang Chuqin and second-seeded Liang Jingkun lost 4-2 to Swedish Truls Moregard.

In the women’s singles, Chinese Wang Yidi defeated Japan’s Kasumi Ishikawa 4-2. The second last place went to Sun Yingsha due to Wang Manyus’ retirement.

In the men’s semi-finals, Ma Long / Wang Chuqin lost 3-2 to South Korea’s Cho Dae-seong / Lee Sang-su, while Liang Jingkun / Lin Gaoyuan defeated England’s Paul Drinkhall / Liam Pitchford 3-1.

The finals in men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles will be held on Sunday.


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