TVO: Olkiluoto 3 starts full operation on schedule despite external pressures

Despite the war , which skyrocketed costs, the plant Teollisuuden (TVO) said it would not allow external pressures to speed up the commissioning of the Olkiluoto 3 reactor.

"We do not take into account external pressure or the fact that the demand for electricity is high. We will proceed exactly as planned and ensure that the facility operates safely," Juha PoikolaTVO’s PR manager said on .

Brother Pekka NurmiTVO’s director, joined Poikola.

" cannot be compromised. Eventually it would just come back to haunt us," Nurmi said.

Trial operation continues

For now, Olkiluoto 3 is still in the trial operation phase, during which pre-planned tests are carried out.

The factory is also still working to fix a defect discovered during a test run in May, which is caused by a foreign substance found in the steam heater of the turbine.

The repair is expected to continue until the end of July, after which the plant unit’s trial production program and electricity production will continue.

According to TVO, the reactor should reach its maximum electricity production capacity in September.

The test phase is scheduled to be completed by December 2022, when regular electricity production is scheduled to begin.

Olkiluoto 3’s full-power electricity production was originally supposed to start in 2009, but the project has been plagued by several setbacks, such as faulty components, safety tests and even a lawsuit.

The 1.6 gigawatt OL3 will be ’s fifth and largest reactor, and it is expected to produce approximately 14 percent of Finland’s electricity when fully utilized.

Source: The Nordic Page

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