Birch – the weirdo from Iceland, for better or worse

Birch – the weirdo from Iceland, for better or worse

It’s Monday, September 16, 1996, when police knock on the door of a small apartment in Hollywood, Florida.

It is completely silent, and when no one opens, the police enter on their own. They look around in the messy apartment. It is enclosed and the floor is covered with clothes, empty cans and debris.

On the sofa lies a man, seemingly lifeless.

He is naked, has green and red face and has shot himself in the head.

In front of him is a film camera, and on the wall behind him hangs a handwritten sign that reads: “The best of me. September 12 ”.

At first it is difficult to understand what has happened, but soon the police understand that everything revolves around a specific person. The Icelandic superstar Björk.

In 11 recorded videotapes and an 803-page diary, the man describes his obsession with her, and four days earlier a letter bomb had been sent to an address in London.

At this time, Björk is Iceland’s national treasure, a peculiar musician who has gone far beyond the borders of the small island.

During her career, Björk will never compromise on her uniqueness and that takes her all the way to the top. But celebrity also has a price.

P3 Music documentary about Björk is about the pop musician who has enchanted an entire world, who has been exotified and praised and who has always gone his own way.

As research for this section, we have used the biography “Björk – Wow and Flutter” by Mark Pytlik.

Cast: Margret Atladottir, Kaine Pieri and Lisa Wall.

A documentary by Siri Hill.
Producer: Hanna Frelin
Executive producer: Anna Johannessen
Technician: Fredrik Nilsson
The program was made in April 2022 and is made by the Third Government Media.

The sound clips in the documentary come from the documentaries Rokk í Reykjavík (1982), Inside Björk (2003) and Janis: Little girl blue (2015) and the film Dancer in the dark (2001), Channel V (1995), the TV series The Southbank Show ( 1997) and MTV (1988 and 1996).





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