The climate heat, election campaign in war then and now, and football for the elite in the EC and young people in the Gothia Cup

The climate heat, election campaign in war then and now, and football for the elite in the EC and young people in the Gothia Cup

The heat threatens food production in government-crisis Italy

The worst drought in 70 years is being talked about in northern Italy. Not only the crops are threatened, but also a lot of the vines. The drought has also become one of the most urgent issues politically, which has also succeeded in dividing the various interests of the fragile Italian unity government. What is happening now after Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s resignation last Thursday and the new election that will follow makes it even more uncertain.

Cecilia Blomberg, Sveriges Radio’s envoy in Southern Europe, went to the Po plain to meet those affected and hear about what is now at stake.

How should we talk about the weather to save the climate?

In a conversation with Maria Wolrat-Söderberg, researcher from Södertörn University, and Maria Augutis, meteorologist at SVT, we seek answers to how our experiences and experiences of extreme weather can lead to a change in behavior and save the climate. And offers a hypothetical weather forecast that not only tells you what kind of weather it will be but also the underlying climate reasons.

The summer before the election, the war year 1940 – similarities with this year’s election

For the first time since World War II, this year a country has invaded a European country. And as you know, it has led to Sweden and Finland giving up their freedom of alliance and applying for membership in NATO.

In our series about dramatic summers before the election, we now turn to the year 1940. Then the Second World War was going on in Europe – our neighboring countries had just been invaded and it was unclear whether there would even be an election.

One hour:

  • Drought threatens food production in Italy

  • What is required for us to connect the weather to climate change?

  • Does God have a place in school?

  • Russia, Iran and Turkey – how alone is Putin?

  • Chronicle by Ulrika Knutson

  • The panel with Maria Eriksson, SvD, Dick Ericksson, Samtiden and Peter Gustavsson, Aftonbladet.

Hour Two:

  • The summer before the 1940 election

  • How is this year’s parliamentary elections affected by the war in Ukraine?

  • Pensioners may be forced to move due to rent increases of 100 percent

  • Outskirts of Sweden: Masculinity under pressure

  • Gothia Cup and EC successes – when will football become equal?

  • Cheese by Helena von Zweigbergk

Program manager: Pekka Kenttälä

Producer: Ulrika Fjällborg

Technician: Martin Seipel


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